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Workshops and Capacity Building


 Workshop # 1 – Finances for Board Governance- Part 1: Being a Better Board Treasurer

Facilitator: Ken Kapustiak

Chief Financial Officer of Fort McKay Group of Companies will be presenting on "Being a Better Board Treasurer". 

He will present financial aspects of Board Governance with a slant towards the role as a treasurer. Much, much, more than just  "Finance for Dummies." 


Ken Kapustiak is the Chief Financial Officer for the Fort Mckay Group of Companies.  Ken leads a team providing support in all aspects of Finance and Accounting for the Group.  Ken holds a Certified Management Accountant designation, a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Windsor and an MBA from York University. 

Ken is no stranger to industry, having spent over 15 years in senior financial, operating and administrative roles in service, construction and manufacturing companies, in both the private and public sector.  Before joining FMGOC in 2009, Ken worked for a diverse range of organizations including Otis Canada Inc., and Carrier Canada Inc., both units of United Technologies Inc.;  Agricorp, an Ontario Government agency;  and manufacturer Coldmatic Refrigeration Inc. 

Ken currently serves on the Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Wood Buffalo as Treasurer, and also volunteers as a tutor in the Write Break ESL Program at Keyano College.  In the past he has worked with various other volunteer organizations including Scouts Canada and Skate Canada.



  • Basics of Governance and becoming a Board Member
  • What if you have specialized knowledge?
  • What if you don’t?
  • Further reading to help understand your role as a Board Member in your particular circumstances

 Workshop #2 – Board Secretary and Minding Your Minutes

Facilitator: Brenda Diebel


Brenda is a retired member of the Association of the Municipal Clerks & Treasurers of Ontario.  During this period she was responsible for the Council minutes for the City of Yellowknife.  She learned about the importance of good minute taking and meeting management during her roles in the following organizations:  President, Yellowknife Food Co-operative; Treasurer Grand Cache Child Care Association; Trustee & Chair of the North of Superior R.C. School Board; President/Chair of two Church Councils, Chair of Bylaw Committee for her Condo Board; and Secretary & President of The Peaks Condominium Corporation, Fort McMurray.  Brenda has enhanced her minute taking skills through participation in Robert’s Rules of Order and Minute Taking Workshops.  Brenda is currently employed in the Oilsands where minute taking and meeting management is one of her professional responsibilities. 


  • “What did I get myself in for!” - Role of the Board Secretary
  • “Why do we need minutes anyways?” – Key Principles
  • “I can just type up what I remember can’t I?” – Minute Standards
  • “But we don’t want everyone to know our business ….” – Minutes of Closed Minutes & Confidentiality
  • “I never said that!” – Minute approval.
  • “We met for over an hour and didn’t get to the agenda!” – Agenda Development
  • “Wow, I hope that never happens again!” – Meeting Evaluations


Workshop #3 – Newcomer Volunteers: Do you have the right tools to welcome them? 

Facilitator: Rachel Perry 


Rachel Perry is an Instructor at Keyano College teaching an English as an Additional Language and Settlement program. She has displayed an enthusiasm and dedication to supporting people from a variety of cultural backgrounds in her work within the classroom and within the community. Not only does she work first hand with newcomers who are integrating into Canadian culture, but she also coordinates and runs a neighbourhood children’s class in Timberlea, which brings together 30 children and youth, with 10 adult volunteers, (who are primarily newcomers to Canada). Before this, Rachel worked as a Family Support Worker in a community outreach program bringing a variety of capacity-building programs and workshops into the rural areas of Wood Buffalo. She also runs a successful marketing and communications business locally.  


Rachel will present the opportunities available to the Nonprofit sector, as well as the challenges faced when welcoming newcomers.  She will offer strategies, resources, and a tool kit for agencies to ensure they have access to the resources they need to successfully integrate newcomers into volunteer positions.   

Workshop #4 - Office in a Box 

Date: May 29 

Time: 9-11 am

Location: Redpoll Centre

Facilitator: Paulina O'Connor

Join us on May 29 as we discuss what you need to know as a Volunteer Manager to ensure successful operating of your organization!  Paulina will walk you through the keys to maintaining records, accessing resources and contacts, and much more!  Don't miss out on this great learning opportunity!  Register now at:

Workshop # 5 – Baby Boomers:  How to get them to volunteer for YOU!

Date: June 6

Time: 9:30am - 11:30am

Location: Redpoll Centre

Facilitator: Bernie Lalor-Moton

We will explore a new perspective on engaging "Baby Boomers" and discuss ideas and opprtunities to create meaningful opportunities for this demographic.  Bernie will provide insight and share her knowledge, and as a result paricipants will be able to:

  • Identify demographic data that defines the term "Baby Boomer"
  • Explain what motivate this demographic to volunteer
  • Describe hot to recruit, retain, and recognice Baby Boomers
  • Create an individualized action plan for an initiative to recruit Baby Boomers.
Secure your spot by registering at:

Workshop # 6 – “Baby-Boomers…How to get them to volunteer for you”


Workshop # 7 – Court Ordered Volunteers

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